Lady Colombian Butt Lifting Jeans  Arkangel

Lady Colombian Butt Lifting Jeans Arkangel

SKU: 363240105

Size: Usa 5/ Colombia 10/ Mexico 7

Usa 5/ Colombia 10/ Mexico 7

Color: Blue


Jeans Levantacola Colombianos Dama Arkangel

Jeans con varios Bolsillos Laterales

Elevate your utility lifestyle with our multi-pocketed jeans! Stay organized in style with extra storage for your essentials.

Toreros con Bolsillos Traseros

Stand out in style with our bikers featuring rear pockets! Comfort and functionality merge for a casual look with a hint of utility.

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Master urban style with our cargo jeans! Functionality and fashion combine in a unique design for your everyday wear.

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el Jean de tiro alto puede llegar a sobrepasar la zona del ombligo, es muy comodo debido a que se asientan bien y afinan la cintura mientras dan sensación de alargar las piernas


Tight-fitting pants with push up enhancement with tube boot, at ankle height. Enlighten your shape and you'll be fashionable.

Jeans Levantacola

Elevate your look with our butt-lifting jeans! Enhance your curves in style and comfort.

Pretina Anatómica

Style that shapes your figure and enhances your rear, while fitting snugly around your waist for comfort throughout the day.

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Usa 5/ Colombia 10/ Mexico 7